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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Aerospace Engineering E-Books

How to Download E-books

copy and paste the following links in the browser to download ebooks

Click the below link to download winrar software for extracting the zipped files

1.Aircraft Design Projects for Engineering Students by L.R.Jenkinson (2003) [1.97MB]

2.Aeronautical Engineer's Data Book by C.Matthews (2001) [2.00MB]

3.Vibration Fundamentals by R.K.Mobley (1999) [8.84MB]

4.The Theory and Design of Air Cushion Craft by L.Yun (2000) [43.99MB]

5.Fluid Mechanics - Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery by S.L.Dixon (1998) [2.67MB]

6.Introduction to Space Sciences & Spacecraft Applications by B.A.Campbell (1996) [3.68MB]

7.Gas Turbine Engeering by M.P.Boyce (2001) [9.28MB]

8.Computational Fluid Dynamics by J.Blazek (2001) [7.31MB]

9.Engineering Mathematics by J.Bird (2003) [3.79MB]

10.Aerodynamics, Aeronautics and Flight Mechanics by McCormick [3.43MB]

11.Missile Aerodynamics by J.N.Nielson (1960) [19.87MB]

12.Airplane Aerodynamics by C.E.Lan Jan Roskam (1997) [30.90MB]

13.Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics by J.Seddon (1990) [8.60MB]

14.Introduction to Aerodynamics of Flight by T.A.Talay (1975) [6.89MB]

15.Aerodynamics of Cars [0.17MB]

16.Basic Aerodynamics by US Army (1994) [1.55MB]

17.Introduction to Helicopter Aerodynamics by US Navy (2000) [2.06MB]

18.Unsteady Aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics and Aeroelasticity of Turbomachines by Kenneth C. Hall

19.Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students by T. H. G. Megson

20.Thin-Walled Composite Beams Theory and Application by Liviu Librescu

21.Stirling and Hot Air Engines by Crowood Press

22.Air Engines The History, Science, and Reality of the Perfect Engine by Theodor Finkelstein

23.Boeing 707/720 by Jim Winchester

24.Aircraft Engine Design by Jack D. Mattingly

25.The Avionics Handbook by Cary R. Spitzer

26.Space shuttle avionics system by John F Hanaway

27.Ultrawideband Radar Measurements Analysis and Processing by L. Yu Astanin

28.Military Avionics Systems by Ian Moir Allan Seabridge

29.Advanced Radar Techniques and Systems by Gaspare Galati

30.Janes HUGE Avionics Data Resource

31.NASA - 50 Years Of Space Exploration

32.Principles of Computational Fluid Dynamics by Pieter Wesseling

33.Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics by Joel H. Ferziger

34.Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics by H. Lomax Thomas

35.An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics by G.K.Bachelor

36.An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics The Finite Volume Method Approach by H. Versteeg

37.Computational Fluid Dynamics Principles and Applications by Jiri Blazek

38.Basics of Fluid Mechanics and Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics by Titus

39.Computational Dynamics by Ahmed A. Shabana

40.Computational Fluid Dynamics by John D. Anderson

41.strength of materials by RS khurmi

More Books will be updated soon..........


varshakanth said...

Download Link:

Adarsh said...

Hey, Thanks for the collection.

But is the following book available as an e book?

Mechanics and thermodynamics of propulsion by Philip Hill and Carl Peterson

saz said...

Hey Adarsh,

i also need the book
Mechanics and thermodynamics of propulsion by Philip Hill and Carl Peterson

please help if u find one

Loomin said...

Hi guys,
Do you have by any chance a "Intake Aerodynamics" by Goldsmith and Seddon? If so, could please post a link?
Best blog by the way

chandra said...

Thanks a million for this Aerospace Engineering E-Books! great resource!!

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Mac said...

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